The use of Mobile Media like ME and YOU!

Mobile media and Music

  It is common to see now everyone is with their mobile phone on their hand. In the coffee shop while waiting for food, while talking with friends and of course forget not the need of having phone in the toilet too!


  Hence phone has become something that is very essential in life and now with the invention of more smart phone in the world, peoples has becoming more addicted to their phone. A research done by the Statistic Brain in 2015 found out that 11% of smartphone users download apps for entertainments purpose and another 3% of them download apps for music. Hence from Walkman by Sony, to iPod by Apple now with the invention of more creative smart phone, people even can turn their common smart phone into portable juke box. Hence, Los Angeles Times which is a newspaper has come out with the list of Top Seven Must-Have smartphone music apps which are as below (Rodriguez, 2013) :

Screenshot (24) Screenshot (25)


  And now with the advancement of technology you can even play music directly from your smart phone to your stereo!

Another YouTube sensational!

  Like in the western country, YouTube artist also has become a viral in Malaysia where we can see some really talented people showing their talent on the social media by making a singing video or even viral now where people make a parody video of their own. One of the example is the latest famous YouTube sensation Elizabeth Tan from Taman Melawati Kuala Lumpur. She who is just a normal girl with a great talent is found on YouTube by the recording company after her cover on song called “Pencuri hati” by Mark Adam who is also a new singer in Malaysia become viral in the social media (Ariff, 2014).

  And thanks to mobile media who provide free apps like Twitter and Facebook for the smart phone users, it is more convenient for people to watch video from YouTube in their phone now, subscribe and then share it with friends on the Social media by just pressing the share button in the phone screen (Balance, 2012). And this is how a video has become viral in any minutes. Therefore nowadays other than watching news on television, people’s know faster about a news from social media such as Facebook as they can access the information in any minute.

Mobile Media Makes Everyone a Celebrity?

   Online social networking is growing rapidly worldwide (Kendall & Marieke, 2013). Mobile media on the other side has emerged to be the medium to carry us into the world of all social networking no matter where we are. In other word, people get to interact and communicate with one another no matter where they are.

  The development of mobile media has created new dimension on space which result in a sort of hybrid space. This is further supported by Frizzera (2015) that mobile devices should become the social interface to the people’s experience of space since it has becoming increasingly vitally present in our society today. Mobile devices no longer merely a tool to consume information but also essential for communication purposes.

   Here we would like to look into the implications of mobile media use to the society today. Today, we can easily become a journalist, a photographer, a connoisseur, a chef, a singer, an Internet celebrity or a viral scandal individual. This is true. With the mobile media we can get ourselves exposed everytime and everywhere. Taking a chef for example, with a video camera, everyone can be a chef sharing their own recipe on YouTube even the housewives or people who love culinary.

   With this many can be exposed to be chef celebrity and on the other hand the viewer can learn even a simple home dish. Chef Jason Hill from YouTube “Chef Tips” channel which cover all styles of cuisine, from chef secrets and grilling tips to hearty family meals and restaurant recipes. Jason Hills also tips on some of some favorite places to eat. The viewer just have to subscribe to the channel and they can learn very single thing from the “Chef Tips” channel.

   You see, everyone can be a celebrity nowadays. A mobile media can makes you popular everywhere, given you have a mobile device such as video camera or smartphone.

  Another new term we want to share here is the “YouTube Personalities”. This is new knowledge to us. YouTube personalities, also known as YouTubers, are people or groups who are popular because of their videos on YouTube. Some YouTube personalities own corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors would then pay for product placement in the clips of YouTubers or other production of online advertisement. If we call people who write a blog as a blogger, then people who shoot a video and upload to the YouTube is a blogger.

  Justin Bieber a Canadian singer is a most likely to be a suitable instance to be here. He was discovered on YouTube and signed a major record deal with Usher before becoming one of the world’s biggest superstars at only 15 years old. His music video entitled Justin Bieber – Baby has exceeded 700,000,000 views, making it the second most viewed video in YouTube history as of December 2012

  So we can see how the implications of mobile media can bring changes to the individual’s life. New identities are shaped via mobile media. Same goes to when we take photo on foods and dishes before we dig in and give comments on the taste of the food. We have become a “unprofessional” food critics.


retrieved from

Between cell phones, social media websites, and online gaming, children now tend to have more choices of entertainment and leisure moment to socialize with their family and friends virtually than hanging out with each other in person. However, with all of the good social intention that was initiated at the first place while technologies were created, misuses of technologies were widely spread amongst the adolescent and also young adults. In addition to the physical and verbal bullying that may take place at school, videos were taken during the scene and posted in social media. Have you watch the 9 minutes video attached above? Can you watch it till the end?

Physical abuse has been a normal aspect of domestic life in Malaysia for a long time. Physical assaults that would be serious offences if committed by one man against other – for instance, hitting, slapping, or striking with an object – have been legally and socially sanctioned when committed by a man against his family members or by their parents against their children. This video of a Malaysia man physically abusing a young child who is beginning to walk has sparked global outrage after it was posted on Facebook and the mother who is filming the video sounds happy while watching this saddening moment. (Owoseje, 2012) Many were devastated with the abusive action that was done by the man towards the toddler. Why does this video was posted in the first place?

Given the global reach of the Internet, the posting of child abuse material online constitutes an international crime and demands concerted collaboration worldwide. At INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. INTERPOL’s role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place and with their high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century. (INTERPOL, 2015)

Other than child abuse posted online, social media bullying is another favorite act of mobile retard. A generation ago, children who went to school knew that as soon as they returned home, their fear of bullying and intimidating would be over as they are under protection at home, which is safe. Unfortunately, today’s school children live in an increasingly interconnected world where they no longer felt protected due to the permeation of the Internet. Social media have exploded in popularity amongst teenagers and children old enough to use the web, but with more and more friends or schoolmates come the potential for greater social bullying.

There’s an estimated one billion people using Facebook as their first medium, half of all spends as much as three hours on social networks and has truly become a social addict by posting anything just anything such as raging in school bullying or any random photos just to get LIKES! It’s this atmosphere that allows social network bullying to proliferate, since it’s easy to do in many forms and it’s extremely difficult for some to walk away from despite the harm of threats.

Amanda died because she couldn’t handle the pressure of being bully. She was struggling to stay in this world because everything just “touches” her so deeply. She chose to suicide to make pain go away because she rather hurt herself than someone else.

So, STOP BEING A SOCIAL RETARDS and start to make a change!

Mobile media in workplace and its advantages

In today’s society particularly in a workplace or offices, the workload and demand of a production is high where everything rhymes with ‘more, more and faster, faster’, and the situation involves assistance from technology. Where on earth can you find a workplace or an office with no computer, telephone, fax machine or even a cell phone and smartphone? Technology have been assisting mankind in all sorts of ways which in turn changes the pattern of media usage, and since it was made to make our life easier and comfortable, we tend to take things for granted by being fully dependent on technology.

Often a relationship is the most obvious after-effect of technology via mobile media. For instance, when your boss assigned you a task and you would receive the message via email from your boss, this is normally done cause it is fast and convenient. When the task is finalised, it would be emailed back to the boss for a final check via email before it is presented orally. And stop right there, this is where smartphones comes in. Most workers in any workplace use a Smartphones, as email could be retrieved instantly at the palm of your hand. Basically, we can see the advantage in getting the job done ‘quick’.

Apart from that, the workplace is not the only event to witness the changing pattern of mobile media. Even at home between family members, or among university students in assignments or projects. Also, through mobile media communication is made possible where information in the forms of video, images, voice recordings and documents could be uploaded and shared to everyone. The use of mobile phones or smartphone is the use of mobile media, therefore as mentioned earlier one can easily get famous by posting videos or photos regardless in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to convey a form of information for the public eye.

Another example that can be seen in workplace is conducting a meeting via video or tele conferencing. Let’s just say that GooGoo Corporation has four office branch located in different country or region, this forces the company to choose this alternative in order to conduct their meeting which in turn reduce the cost of travel for their employer or employee.

Not only that, most people use instant messaging such as Watsapp because its easier to convey an urgent message and since everyone in the corporate world owns a smartphone and subscribed a mobile data, it then becomes an advantage and a necessity for these group of people to reach out to each other in a more efficient and effective way. Due to the nature of Watsapp, a group chat can be created instantly and a number of people can participant in the group chat and this can also be among  family members or a group of friends. Thus, this enables individuals and peers to discuss on an urgent matter regarding their work.

Here, we can conclude that the relationship patterns in today’s society is indeed virtual. There are various advantages of mobile media but the main advantage are the conveniency and speed.

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