“Today, I spent part of the day connecting with people. I complained about a silly election video, chatted with a college friend about a band, and put up some finishing touches on plan for a conference taking place at the library”(King & Poulin, 2011, p. 43). And these are among the famous habit of peoples like me myself will be doing on Facebook.

  Have to admit that social media such as Facebook has becoming a tool to communicate and build a network between peoples despite of their distant and different in time. In 2010, a studies by Edison Research has found out that 41% of peoples in United States have Facebook and this include parents who was on Facebook while their children’s ignoring their friend request on that social account!

Screenshot (18)

  Based on a statistic provided by Statistic Brain in 2014, there are 1.35 million of active Facebook user monthly and out of these numbers, 1.12 billion people access Facebook through their smart phone. This due to the availability of Facebook apps on apps store or play store as for Samsung phone user. The positive pattern in graph above has shown great increase in numbers of Facebook users as the number of users are only 1 billion in the first half year of 2012. And out of the 1.35 billion of Facebook user, 48% from the numbers log in Facebook in any days within a week and they spent 18 minutes on Facebook per visit.

  This explain the social phenomena which is called “anti-social” whereby a family will be sitting on a dining table but no one is talking to one another including the parents as they also know how to used smart phone and Internet. They rather to share jokes and laugh on the phone between one another rather than talking. And as for myself even my family have our own group What apps where we share all the things within the group.


  On a one fine day while scrolling Facebook, you type name of a friend in the search toolbar to check on him or her Facebook page but then you realize that u have been block by that individual. Therefore, to enable you to look at their Facebook post, you have decided to create another fake account by using others name and picture. Sound familiar? That might be you who have becoming a stalker without you aware of it.

Screenshot (19)

Source: (Stevens, 2011)

  As reported by the CNN in 2012, there are 83.09 million of fake user account on a well-known social media which is Facebook. Here, fake account mean by those who have more than one social account on Facebook or those who use unreal name on their user profile.


  “In an updated regulatory filling released Wednesday, the social media company said that 8.7 percent of its 955 million monthly active users around the world are actually duplicate or false account” (Kelly, 2012).

  Duplicate account is a Facebook account that is created by frauds or in the other word the thief identity without the acknowledgement of the actual individual. People who have duplicate account tend to use others picture as their profile picture and pretend to be that individual by adding other Facebook user. This action not only against the law for stolen others identity but also taking advantage by using others identity for their self-interest.

  Besides that Facebook also has identified another two type of fake account which are the misclassified account and undesirable account. Misclassified account here mean by those Facebook account that should be done as Facebook page by people who share a common interest on pets, places or event. Meanwhile undesirable account is to represent those Facebook account that create propaganda or have hidden agenda to be spread throughout all the Facebook users who might already add or like the Facebook account.

  Here we can see there are both positive and negative impact of these social media which can be access daily through phone. While it keeping people close with families, friends or love one, it also create problem if we as the social media users did not use our right correctly.

Kelly, H. (2012, August 3). 83 million Facebook accounts are fakes and dupes . Retrieved from CNN International Edition: http://edition.cnn.com/2012/08/02/tech/social-media/facebook-fake-accounts/
King, D. L., & Poulin, T. E. (2011). Facebook’s for libraries: It’s easy to use social media’s most popular tool to connect with your community. American Libraries, 42(5), 42-45.
Stevens, J. (2011, October 28). Jilted women faces 18 months in prison after being charged with identity theft for ‘creating fake Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend’. Retrieved from Mail Online : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2054381/Woman-faces-18-months-prison-creating-fake-Facebook-profile-ex-boyfriend.html


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  1. TheGeeks · April 22, 2015

    fake account is creepy and dangerous. Nowadays, it is really easy to create an account on behalf of other people and then imitate that person to others. Do you have any experience on stumbling fake account before?


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